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I'm Cory and I created RV Envy to help you find your dream RV.

I grew up RVing with my family, then have proceeded to purchase five RVs (so far!) in my adult life.

Being able to work remotely allowed me to spend 3+ years traveling around the U.S. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

In talking with so many fellow RVers, I developed a passion for helping others find the perfect RV for them.

RV Envy exists to solve a few problems I've faced when buying my RVs:

  • I like to do my own research online, but it can be hard to get a full picture of an RV from a manufacturer's site or dealer listings.
  • When I visit a dealership, I often find I know more than the sales people because of my online research.
  • YouTube videos are helpful, but many often only highlight the positives of an RV. But I want to hear the other side!
  • Facebook Groups are be useful, but it can be hard to find the answers I'm looking for. Plus the signal to noise ratio is quite high.
  • I want a very specific layout, and want to make sure I've seen everything available - not just what's at a local dealership.

So I set out to build a research tool that helps give the full picture about the pros and cons of RVs.

On RV Envy, you can browse RVs by floor plan style or feature. You'll find RV Envy Expert Takes for many models. These are written by seasons RVers who are familiar intimately familiar with different issues or considerations you might not be aware of until spending a night in a unit.

We're just beginning to scratch the service of what RV Envy will become. I hope you'll join me on the ride.

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CoryRV Envy founder