Class C motorhomes with bunk beds
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Class C motorhomes with bunk beds

Last updated February 24, 2024
Cory Watilo
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Bunkhouses are great for large families with kids as it provides more dedicated sleeping space, in addition to the bunk over cab that Class C RVs are known for.


  • Additional dedicated sleeping area doesn't encroach on living space during the day
  • Some bunk areas can be converted to storage or a workspace


  • Can affect resale value since not everyone is looking for bunk beds
  • Can reduce overall storage space

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Class C motorhomes with bunk beds are a great option for large families who need dedicated bed space that comes in addition to the single bunk over the cab of the RV, which is the defining feature of the Class C RV.)

Popular questions

What are the dimensions of bunk beds in Class C motorhomes?
Bunk beds in Class C motorhomes are typically 28" x 72", though the actual size may vary depending on the manufacturer. Some Class A's use residential mattresses, but many are custom sizes to fit the available space.
Where are bunk beds located in a Class C motorhome?
Bunk beds in Class C RVs are usually located just forward of the rear bedroom.
What amenities come in bunk beds on Class C motorhomes?
The price point can vary widely on Class C motorhomes, as they can come in entry level models, all the way up to Super C's with larger engines, designed for towing large trailers. Many offer a personal TV, a privacy curtain or doors, and a ladder to access the top bunk. Some models have USB charging ports, a 110V outlet, and a ducted air vent.

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