How much do RVs weigh and what can I tow?

There are a lot of variables when it comes to ensuring you're safely able to tow.


The weight of motorhomes far outweigh towables because they're chassis are stronger and are designed to support more weight. Because the max weight (GVWR, or gross vehicle weight rating) can be higher, the fit and finish of motorhomes can be higher quality than that of a towable where weight is a larger factor. If you plan on towing a vehicle, look into whether it can be "flat towed" or will require a tow dolly, as this will affect the amount of weight on the bumper/hitch of the motorhome.


When choosing a trailer to pull behind an SUV or truck, the first thing to do is check how much weight your tow vehicle can pull. Depending on the type of trailer, there are different factors. For example, a travel trailer places its weight on the hitch of the tow vehicle, whereas a fifth wheel trailer uses a hitch that sits in the bed of a pickup truck, which places more weight directly on the truck's rear axle. For fifth wheels specifically, you'll want to check the weight rating in the gooseneck/fifth wheel category, not the hitch weight or overall weight of the trailer you intend to pull.

As always, when deciding on what you can or can't tow, please consult with a professional and never rely on what you read on the internet.