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There’s a lot of work to do, and we can’t do it alone. Read more about why we're here and what we're building.

Here are a few ways you can help.

1. Feedback

One of the most helpful things for us is to know what information is useful for RV shoppers. Are you looking for RVs with bunk beds? Interested in fifth wheels with rear kitchens? We have pages for those, but there are thousands of other pages that we haven’t built yet!

Our goal is to create collections of RVs that shoppers are looking for - whether it’s by feature, RV type, or lifestyle.

If you have feedback about what would make RV shopping better for you on RV Envy, please let us know.

2. Write a review

If you’ve owned an RV, you’re likely to have some thoughts about its layout or build quality. Sharing this information can help others learn the experience of others, and likely save them time and money in the process.

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3. Apply to be an RV expert

Know RVs? Do you have a critical eye about floor plans, common issues RVers encounter, and how layouts can be improved?

Our moderation team is formed of RV experts help ensure informations about RVs and their features are accurate and up to date.

Every RV manufacturer publishes information differently (everyone brands the same features in their own ways), so it’s up to us to make sure everything is in a consistent format that’s easy to compare across brands. Since there’s no single resource for accurate RV info, this is a big endeavor!

On top of that, one of the reason RV Envy exists is to provide expert advice about floor plans, and highlight the things that aren’t obvious that we feel RV buyers should know. We point out the gotchas that the salespeople don’t tell you (because usually they aren’t even aware of this level of detail!).

Apply to be an RV expert

RV Envy is entirely private funded. With the advertising model, the customer is the product. By not relying on advertising or sponsors, we’re able to share honest opinions RVs without fear of losing revenue. RV Envy is built out of a labor of love and a desire to help more people find their dream RV. Sometimes this means being critical about certain aspects of RVs. By staying independent, we’re able to share our honest opinion – an angle you won’t hear from a salesperson at a dealership, get from a brand brochure, or likely even see in most YouTube video reviews.

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