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RVs with two bedrooms

Creative new floor plans with two bonafide bedrooms in RVs

Last Updated: December 27, 2023

RVs have traditionally only had one bedroom, with additional sleeping space coming in the form of a couch or dinette that can convert into a bed.

But this is less than ideal for a family that doesn’t want to convert the living area into a sleeping space every night. Plus it restricts the living area from being used when some family members are awake.

In recent years, there’s been an explosion of creative layout options that provide a dedicated sleeping space that comes in addition to a main bedroom.

They can vary by type of RV, so let’s explore:

Popular options for motorhomes (Class A, Class C)

Motorhomes with bunk beds

Short of having their own door, bunk beds are typically located in a slideout, with either curtains or doors closing off the bunks from the hallway. It’s not common to close the doors with occupants in the beds, but it qualifies as a separate sleeping area since the space is dedicated to sleeping and doesn’t need to be converted.

Explore bunkhouse floor plans

Rear bunkhouse

Some larger motorhomes offer bunk beds as an option to replace a rear closet, like the Fleetwood Discovery 44B. This can be considered a second bedroom, but usually requires walking through the bathroom to access the rear sleeping area. They’re designed to be used as either a closet or bunk beds because they include ducted ventilation in case it’s used as a sleeping area.

Explore rear bunkhouse floor plans

Single bed over cab (loft)

Many Class A motorhomes and Class C motorhomes both offer beds that live above the driver and front passenger seats.

In Class A motorhomes, these are typically operated electronically and drop down from the ceiling.

Class C motorhomes offer a fixed bed in the same location, but by definition, a Class C extends over the cab.

Dropdown loft over living area

Wingamm*, an Italian RV maker of Class B vans, has recently entered the market with their patented dropdown bunk that sits above the living area and can be pulled down from the ceiling.

Second bedroom

While less common, some larger motorhomes have managed to squeeze in a separate bedroom with a full door. One example of this is the Fleetwood Fortis 36Y (or its sister product, the Holiday Rambler Invicta 36Y).

Popular options for towable campers (fifth wheel trailers, travel trailers)

Bunkhouse / 2nd bedroom

Different than just bunk beds in a slideout (like most commonly seen in motorhomes), second bedrooms are becoming more common in larger towables. They’re usually located either in the middle of a trailer, or in the rear at the opposite end from the main bedroom. They often include bunks, though some even offer a queen bed - a great option for traveling with adults.

Explore bunkhouse floor plans

Loft above 2nd bedroom

We’re now starting to see more lofts above second bedrooms. Thanks to extremely tall ceilings, lofts can be added above a rear bedroom by shortening the ceiling of the space below, without sacrificing the ability to walk around in the lower sleeping area. Most require climbing a ladder to access, but some offer an actual staircase.

Explore loft floor plans

Need even more space?

If two sleeping areas aren’t enough, you might just be in luck as there are a handful of RVs with three separate sleeping areas. Chaparral by Coachmen is one such brand that focuses on these types of layouts.

If you’re traveling with lots of people, you may also want to consider RVs with a bath and a half, or even two full bathrooms.

Not sure what you need?

And if you’re still not quite sure what you need, check out the RV Envy concierge that will help you discover the perfect floor plan for you.

*Author is a fractional investor in W Motorhome Sales North America, the company responsible for bringing Wingamm to the United States.

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