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Highlights from the 2024 Tampa Summer RV Show

It was very, very hot. But we found some cool RVs.

Last Updated: June 9, 2024

Highlights from the 2024 Tampa Summer RV Show

I visited the Tampa Bay Summer RV Show to find the recent trends coming out of Elkhart this year.

Since I live near the fairgrounds where the show was held, I decided to take out my Cross Trail 20XG and camp on-site for a couple nights.

It was... a bit underwhelming compared to the Super Show in January. There were only a handful of us campers, so it wasn't exactly the vibe I was expecting. But I made the most of it!

Getting some sun outside the RV

Onward to the RVs! While not everything in this post is new for 2024, it highlights the things I found interesting in this tour around the Florida State Fairgrounds.

Class B vans

The perfect van for a day trip to the beach

The Entegra Coach Arc 18C has a side-facing couch and a large floor space. It doesn’t feel cramped like many Class B vans because it opts to leave the space open instead of using it for a seat or kitchen.

It’s not designed to sleep more than 2 people, but it makes for a great day trip van for those who want to enjoy a nice view from inside while still being equipped with everything you need for an overnight sleep in a pinch.

I’d personally love to pick up this van for working from the beach.

Entegra Coach Arc 18C

Perfect camper van for a family with two small kids

The Entegra Coach Ethos 20D is equipped with four bucket seats, a rear couch/bed, and a pop-top. With small kids, it makes sense to have one parent sleep in the pop-top and the other down on the bed, with each taking a child. If kids are slightly older, they may be able to both sleep in the pop-up without risk of falling out overnight, but this leaves limited room in the bed for two adults.

Entegra Coach Ethos 20D

The van for camping with older kids

Unlike the Ethos 20D, the Thor Motor Coach Tellaro 20A comes with a front-facing passenger bench seat. Because the kitchen is in the center of the van, the rear has room for two opposing couches that turn into a large bed.

With space in the pop-top for kids, this layout gives more space for two adults in the rear bed, but you sacrifice the passenger seating space like is available in the Ethos 20D.

Thor Motor Coach Tellaro 20A

Luxury van

Forest River is getting into the B van game with the OGV Luxury Coach V-RV line of luxury vans.

OGV stands for “off-grid vehicle” and they come with lithium batteries, 340 watts of solar, and dual alternators.

It comes in four floor plans:

  1. 7RL - rear lounge, seats 7
  2. 4TB - two bench seats, seats 4
  3. 5RL - rear lounge, seats 5
  4. 2TB - two bench seats, seats 2

The OGV V-RV 7RL was at the show and it looked plush with a marine-inspired interior.


Class A motorhomes

North/south mid-bed in a Class A?

Officially introduced last year, the Fleetwood Frontier GTX 39TA but I hadn’t walked it yet. I was surprised by its unique mid-ship bed that faces north/south (front to back) instead of east/west like most RVs of its size. There’s a small half-bath behind the bed, which is something I hadn’t seen before.

Creative use of space

While the Forest River Georgetown 5 Series GT5 34H5 has been around for a few years, I hadn’t noticed its unique shelving and counter space that is only revealed when the slides are out.

In most RVs, there’s a dead wall (or sometimes a photo hanging in its place) which always feels suboptimal. I found this to be a creative use of space that makes it feel like this portion of the RV was intentionally designed, as opposed to just leaving an exposed empty wall in its place.

Georgetown 5 Series GT5 34H5

Travel trailers

Hidden bunks in a slideout

Earlier this year I walked the Wildwood Heritage Glen 320VIEW fifth wheel. Its defining features include a rear kitchen with massive windows and a secret bunk room, hidden in a slide out just off the living area along with a desk.

This time around, it was time for a travel trailer with the same features, so Forest River introduced the Wildwood Salem 29VIEW.

Wildwood Salem 29VIEW living area
Wildwood Salem 29VIEW bunkhouse

Fifth wheels

Toy hauler with massive windows and a built-in projector screen

The Salem FSX 30VCVIEW has a unique indoor/outdoor feel with its extra large windows and outdoor tables. It’s perfect for entertaining outside and passing food/drinks through the windows.


The model at the show also had a built-in pull-down projector screen.

Salem FSX 30VCVIEW projector screen

Two full bedrooms, bathrooms with loft and bathtub

The Highland Ridge Open Range 390TBS comes with two full bedrooms, two full bathrooms with a tub, a loft that sleeps three, and bar seating at the kitchen island.

Open Range 390TBS
Open Range 390TBS kitchen

Square windows

Lippert, a manufacturer for many of the major RV brands, is now offering a square window, designed to provide a more residential look. Here it is on a Brinkley fifth wheel.

Square window on a Brinkley fifth wheel

All for now! This summer show already has me excited for the Hershey show in September. See you then!

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