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Find a campground

RV parks, campgrounds, and membership programs

Websites for finding RV parks and campgrounds

  • Campendium - aggregates a large number of campgrounds and places to park overnight
  • Campspot - a service that runs a booking platform for the RV parks listed on their site
  • Camplife - a service that runs a booking platform for the RV parks listed on their site
  • Hipcamp - find niche camping spots on private land
  • RV Parky - aggregates RV parks with places to park overnight

Facebook Groups is another great resource for finding an campground. Search for groups in the area you're looking to stay in, or join a group geared around your type of RV and others are likely to have recommendations based on your type of RV.

Membership programs

  • Harvest Hosts - a program that allows you to stay at wineries, farms, and other unique locations for free, usually for a single night

  • Thousand Trails - NOT RECOMMENDED

    Thousand Trails offers a membership program where you pay once and get access to a limited number of RV spots for an entire year. However, we strongly do not recommend this program because of the many restrictions and limitations that come with it.

    For example, you can only stay at a park for a certain number of days before you have to leave for a certain number of days. They also restrict the number of campsites that are available to the program, so even if a campground has availability, the spots may not be available to Thousand Trails members.

    Before signing up for a Thousand Trails membership, we recommend doing your own research to decide if it's a good fit for your needs. A great place to start is the 30k+ member Facebook group, Thousand Trails - The Really Good And The Really Bad

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