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Like a virtual salesperson

Not sure exactly what you want yet? Our floor plan wizard acts as a virtual salesperson, asking a series of questions to find out what’s important to you and finding RVs that match your preferences, lifestyle, and budget. And our virtual salesperson isn’t pushy!

When you visit an RV dealer and talk to a human salesperson, they’re focused on selling you an RV on their lot. This severely limits your options because you’re only seeing a small fraction of what’s actually available. And if you want to see all the options in your local area, you’ll have to repeat this process with each dealership. And you still won’t see all the options out there!

Many dealers are part of a dealer network, which means they’re able to deliver an RV to you from out of the area. And there are some dealers who deal primarily in RV deliveries. So even if you live 1,000 miles away from a dealership, they’re able to bring the RV to your front door.

While there’s a good chance your dream RV may be nearby, it’s worth learning about all the available options so .you can make an informed decision.

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