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Most RV sites let you filter by price, length, and weight, but everybody knows there’s way more to RVs than that! That’d be like searching a dating site based on height and weight – just the external factors – and not any of the internal characteristics.

A handful of RV sites let you browse by layout (like rear bedroom, front kitchen, etc), but it’s very limited.

When I’ve purchased RVs (and I’ve bought 5 so far), the most important thing to me was the layout. I wanted to get very specific.

So on RV Envy, I built a search where you can filter over 100 features or layout options. And not just the main layout options – we have everything from bathtubs to bidets, from pull-out dinettes to porcelain toilets.

The best part is that when you apply a filter, our search updates to show you the other filters that are available with that filter. So if you search fifth wheels with a front kitchen, you’ll see all the features that are available with that layout, like a dual vanity bathroom or a garage to haul your toys. The results will be more limited when you compound filters, but you might just find exactly what you’re looking for.

Try a search at the top of the page – it will show results by RV type, manufacturer, brand, or feature. Or if you’re like me – and want to see all the options available to you – try our advanced search where you’ll be in the driver’s seat with all the controls at your fingertips.

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